Low-Cost Startup Accounting Services for Very Early-Stage Companies

Most early-stage companies don’t have a lot of cash to burn, which is exactly why they need help managing their cash burn through rigorous accounting. Setting up your financial infrastructure and closely managing your company finances is essential to your company’s success. But who has the time or expertise to make sure it gets done right?

Early Growth Financial Services can help your company get off the ground by helping you stay on top of cash burn, keeping your financials clean, keeping up compliance, and – most importantly – freeing up your time to focus on your core business.

Your small business may qualify for the EGFS Jumpstart Program if you have:

– Self-funding or friends & family funding
– Total investment under $250,000
– Revenue less than $100,000 annually
– One bank account
– Less than 50 accounting transactions per month

EGFS is here to help you to find the most efficient, cost-effective financial solution for your growing startup.

If you are rapidly growing and need more in-depth accounting help, we offer complete outsourced accounting services for startups for any stage.

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