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Stick to It: The Importance of a Budget for Startups

Creating and following a budget -- an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time -- is a strategy that will grow in complexity as your company does. It can be an intimidating task to add up all your expenses and make projections when you have little or no past performance to use as a gauge. But that shouldn't prevent you from getting serious about a budget.

Advice From The LA Startup Ecosystem

Startup Game Changers will help you take your startup to the next level with actionable tips from insiders within the LA startup ecosystem. Collectively, our panelists — representing investment and professional service firms offering VC, legal, financial, HR, and business development — have supported thousands of startups worldwide from the ground up.

Financial Planning: Essentials For Startups That Mean Business

Part of building a pitch deck that will wow investors is making sure you have a financial plan that’s practical and tells the right story for your business, relative to its operational needs. When it comes to presenting the numbers in a compelling way, informed financial planning is paramount. Here are some insights on what your investor audience needs from you, the information you need to pull together and how to keep priorities in check as your startup evolves post-funding.

The Top 7 Ways The New Tax Law Could Affect Your Startup

On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 into law. The Act was the biggest change in tax laws in more than 30 years and brought about many changes for individuals and companies. Overall, we believe that the changes will benefit new businesses by lowering tax rates, accelerating the depreciation of equipment and eliminating the corporate alternative minimum tax. In this article Andy McCormack of EGFS and Doug Bend of Bend Law Group discuss the top seven ways the new tax law could affect your startup.

Startup Sales Tips–Helping You Land Your First Customer

Most of the startup companies we work with at EGFS spend their early days building out their great teams and technologies. There will come a point, however, when this development must lead to sales and company growth. For many founders, this may be their first time selling a product or service, so we decided to put together a guide to help you close your first sales and start growing your business.

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